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October 2, 2012

Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker Review

Verdict: Uniquely Designed For Parents

The Bottom Line:Amber Alert GPS is a reasonably priced, parent-friendly child tracking device with unique features specifically designed with parents in mind. Slightly larger than a matchbox car, the device can send location updates every 5 minutes, or alerts when your child arrives at school or leaves home, or whenever he/she is traveling in a vehicle. Amber Alert GPS can also send "Predator Alerts" whenever the device is near a registered sex offender's home address.

Unlike most GPS trackers, the Amber Alert GPS has a panic button that can be used to place a 2-way phone call to a parent. The device itself costs $199 (free if you sign up for a 3 year contract), and monthly service is $14.99 for basic location service, $24.99 for Premium service (adds breadcrumbing, voice calling, and predator alerts).

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