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August 13, 2010

Garmin nuvi 3760T Review

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18. Creating Routes on A PC & Sending Them To The GPS

MapSource Startup
Figure 144: MapSource Startup

Garmin's MapSource software is a free download available via Garmin's website, and can be used to send map sets, waypoints, routes, and tracks to the GPS. You can also retrieve data from the GPS onto the PC, if needed.

MapSource, in addition to being a free download, is also automatically installed whenever a Garmin map update is installed.

MapSource Routes
Figure 145: MapSource Routes

You can construct multi-stop Routes within MapSource.

Route Properties
Figure 146: Route Properties

Routes can be named or edited before transferring to the GPS.

POI Search via MapSource
Figure 147: POI Search via MapSource

MapSource can also perform all the same Points of Interest searches that your Garmin GPS can.

Figure 148: MapSource

Once you've gathered the waypoints or routes in MapSource, you can connect the nuvi to your PC or Mac and click on the Send to Device icon, shown above.

Send To Device
Figure 149: Send To Device

The Send To Device window appears. The target GPS is displayed in the Device field. Click Send to transfer the checked items to the GPS.

Transfer Complete
Figure 150: Transfer Complete

Once the data has copied over to the nuvi, you can disconnect the GPS from the computer.

Garmin Communicator Plugin Download Page
Figure 151: Garmin Communicator Plugin Download Page

Another option for sending data to the nuvi GPS is to download Garmin's Communicator browser plugin, and transfer data directly from websites that support Garmin's plugin, such as MapQuest or Geocaching.com.

Garmin Communicator Plugin Installation
Figure 152: Garmin Communicator Plugin Installation

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the plugin installation.

Send to GPS
Figure 153: Send to GPS

MapQuest includes a Send to GPS option under the Send tab. If you've installed the Communicator plugin, and your GPS is connected to the computer, you can send trips, waypoints, and routes directly to the nuvi via MapQuest's website.

Send to GPS
Figure 154: Send to GPS

After clicking Send to GPS, the pop-up window appears, shown above. Confirm that your nuvi appears, then click Write to send the data to the GPS.

19. Keeping Your nuvi Up-To-Date

Every few months or so, Garmin releases software updates for the nuvi. These firmware updates fix any bugs or problems that have been discovered since the GPS was released, and deliver new features to the device. Sometimes Garmin includes significant feature enhancements, such as ecoRoute or new Bluetooth features, or important stability fixes via free software updates.

For this reason, it's important to periodically connect the GPS to your PC/MAC and run Garmin's WebUpdater utility to ensure your nuvi is running the most current software.

Garmin's WebUpdater software can be downloaded from Garmin's Website. The utility automatically checks the model number connected to the computer (via USB), the version of software currently installed, and the version available for download. If a newer version is available on Garmin's website, the WebUpdater will ask if you want to install the new version.

Garmin WebUpdater Download Page
Figure 155: Garmin WebUpdater Download Page

The easiest way to keep your Garmin GPS current is by using Garmin's WebUpdater utility.

Visit Garmin's WebUpdater download page and click the download link to begin downloading the WebUpdater application.

Setup of Garmin WebUpdater Complete
Figure 156: Setup of Garmin WebUpdater Complete

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the WebUpdater install, then connect your nuvi GPS to the computer, and Launch WebUpdater.

Garmin's WebUpdater Utility
Figure 157: Garmin's WebUpdater Utility

Launch WebUpdater, and confirm that the utility sees a Garmin device connected to the computer, then click Next to begin searching for available updates.

WebUpater, Available Updates
Figure 158: WebUpdater, Available Updates

Check the boxes next to any updates available for your nuvi, then click Next.