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August 13, 2010

Garmin nuvi 3760T Review

GPSmagazine Rating: 5 of 5
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Verdict: Sets the New Standard for GPS Navigation

Garmin nuvi 3760T Review
Garmin nuvi 3790T 3D Junction View nuvi 3760T Map


  • Functionally identical to the more expensive 3790T, less voice command, 3-D building view, and topographic maps
  • More than a mere cosmetic overhaul, the 3760T represents a significant upgrade over previous nuvi models
  • New capacitive multitouch display is almost twice the resolution of older Garmin GPS units
  • nuRoute technology with trafficTrends and myTrends finally brings a new level of intelligence to GPS routing
  • Multitouch display, and less than 9 mm thick
  • A few minor issues aside, the 3760T is very close to a perfect GPS


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Testing Notes

Garmin nuvi 3760T, Version information

This review was written using a production, retail boxed version purchased from Amazon.com.

The unit was tested for several weeks of real-world driving, both on highways as well as back roads.

Note: Some sections of this review are taken directly from the Garmin nuvi 3790T Review, as in most respects the two units are functionally identical.

Table of Contents

  1. Meet Garmin's New 3700 Series
  2. What's in the Box (Unboxing)
  3. What's New About the nuvi 3760T?
  4. Installing the nuvi 3760T in A Car
  5. Navigating with the Nuvi 3760T
  6. Finding an Address
  7. Finding A Restaurant (Searching for Points of Interest)
  8. Using the nuvi in Pedestrian Mode
  9. Favorites
  10. Trip Planner
  11. Traffic
  12. ecoRoute
  13. Bluetooth & Hands-Free Calling
  14. Navigating to A Set of Lat/Long Coordinates
  15. Where Am I? / Saving Your Current Location to the Address Book
  16. Saving Your HOME Address
  17. Day / Night Modes
  18. Creating Routes on A PC & Sending Them To The GPS
  19. Keeping Your nuvi Up-To-Date
  20. Pros
  21. Cons
  22. Conclusion

1. Meet Garmin's New 3700 Series

As of this writing Garmin is offering three different nuvi 3700 models to choose from: the 3750, 3760T, and 3790T. The differences between the three version are explained in the following comparison table:

  nuvi 3750 nuvi 3760T nuvi 3790T
Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands) NO NO YES
Bluetooth wireless technology NO YES YES
3-D building view NO NO YES
Lifetime traffic receiver included NO YES YES
MSRP $349.99 $399.99 $499.99

2. What's in the Box (Unboxing)

Garmin nuvi 3760T, Retail Box
Figure 1: Garmin nuvi 3760T, Retail Box

What's In The Box
Figure 2: What's In The Box

Garmin's nuvi 3760T ships with the following items in the box:

  • Garmin nuvi 3760T
  • Vehicle suction cup mount with speaker
  • FM traffic receiver/vehicle power cable
  • USB cable
  • Dashboard disc
  • Quick start manual

Garmin GTM 35 Vehicle Power Cable with Integrated FM Traffic Receiver
Figure 3: Garmin GTM 35 Vehicle Power Cable with Integrated FM Traffic Receiver

Notice that the vehicle power cable has an integrated FM traffic receiver. The 3760T includes "free" (albeit ad supported) lifetime traffic service, as indicated by the 'T' in the 3760T's model number.
Traffic Receiver, Explained
Figure 4: Traffic Receiver, Explained

The included traffic receiver provides free, ad-based traffic information that doesn't require a subscription. The receiver is integrated into the power adapter, so you don't have to worry about connecting any additional wires or antennae to receive traffic data.

Windshield Suction Cup Mount
Figure 5: Windshield Suction Cup Mount

Figure 6: Mount

The 3760T includes a powered windshield mount. The metal contacts at the base of the mount, shown above, provide power to the GPS once the device is snapped into the cradle.

Mount, Rear
Figure 7: Mount, Rear

Notice the speaker built into the back of the mount. This is a new design that differs from previous Garmin nuvi models. The 3760T does also has a small internal speaker located on the back of the device, however this design allows the unit to leverage the mount's larger speaker when docked, and revert to the 3760T's internal speaker when using the GPS outside of the car (such as in pedestrian mode).

Mount, Right Side
Figure 8: Mount, Right Side

The vehicle power adapter plugs into the right side of the mount.

Mount & Cradle
Figure 9: Mount & Cradle

Connecting the mount, or cradle, to the windshield mount is simply a matter of pressing firmly on the mount until the ball snaps into the socket on the cradle. To remove the cradle, twist the cradle to the right or left until it snaps off the mount.

Cradle, Connected to Windshiwld Mount
Figure 10: Cradle, Connected to Windshield Mount

This ball-and-socket style mount is easy to use, holds up well against normal wear and tear, and keeps the GPS firmly in place while driving.

Power Adapter, Connected to Docking Cradle
Figure 11: Power Adapter, Connected to Docking Cradle

The vehicle power adapter connects to the mini-USB / Power port on the right side of the docking cradle, as shown above.

nuvi 3760T, Docked
Figure 12: nuvi 3760T, Docked

The powered windshield mount makes it easy to quickly snap the nuvi 765T in and out of the docking cradle. Since the power cable connects to the cradle rather than the GPS, you don't need to connect or disconnect any cables when docking and undocking the nuvi from the mount.


nuvi 3790T, Attached to the Windshield Mount
Figure 13: nuvi 3760T, Attached to the Windshield Mount

Garmin's mounting hardware is excellent. The windshield mount holds the nuvi firmly in place and vibration-free when driving, even at highway speeds.

The ball-and-socket type joint on the windshield mount makes it easy to adjust the nuvi's viewing angle with one hand, and without having to turn any knobs or slip any levers.