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August 2, 2009

How to Manually Extract & Install Garmin's Map Update

How to Manually Extract & Install Garmin's Map Update

Anyone who's installed a Garmin downloadable map update knows that one of the most annoying aspects of the update is dealing with the 2 GB update file. If you follow Garmin's instructions, and double-click the single 2 GB update executable, you're then forced to wait 10-20 minutes while your computer tries to open the file. For some inexcusable reason, no progress is shown while all this is happening in the background, and many users simply give up, falsely concluding that the update won't install on their computer.

There is a better way. Read on to see step-by-step instructions on how to extract the 2 GB update file and manually launch the updater.

WinRar - Garmin Map Update 2010.20

The guide assumes you've already downloaded the Garmin map update. If you need detailed instructions on how to download the map update, check out this tutorial I published a while back.

First, you'll need something capable of extracting the files contained within the single map update file. I like WinRar. You can download a free version via Rar Labs' website. It's available for both Mac OS and Windows.

Download and install WinRar. Launch WinRar, open the Garmin map update file, and click "Extract To". Save the extracted files in a folder that will be easy to find, such as a folder on your desktop.

Extracting garmin_rmu_cnnant2010.20.exe

Wait while map update file extracts. Once the extraction process completes, quit WinRar.

the folder that contains the extracted files

Browse to the folder that contains the extracted files.

Setup.exe in the Windows subdirectory

Run Setup.exe in the Windows subdirectory to begin the update process.

Important: If you're running the update on Windows Vista, right-click the Setup.exe file and choose Run as Administrator. If you don't do this, the update will fail.

Welcome to the Garmin Map Update

Click Next to continue.

Software and Data License Agreement

Accept the license agreement and click Next.

Installing map data onto computer...

The map updater installs the files onto your computer first, then it will build a map file and transfer it to your nuvi.

Once the map update is finished, you can safely uninstall the Garmin map updater from your computer (which you might want to do, since it's just over 2 GB in size).

Installing map data onto your Garmin GPS

Be patient - this process can take a while...

Successfully installed the new map data onto your computer and Garmin GPS

Once the installer completes, click Finish and disconnect the nuvi from your computer.

Map Info - CN North America NT 2010.20

You can verify that the new maps have successfully been installed on your nuvi by tapping tools > settings > map > Map Info.

There you go - that's everything you need to know to have a slightly smoother map update experience.

Of course, it goes without saying that Garmin really should modify the installer to at least show some progress status, and not force users to sit at their computer for 10 minutes hoping for the best. Until then, I recommend the above approach.