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June 19, 2009

How To Force A Garmin nuvi 8x5 To Avoid A Specific Road or Highway

Garmin nuvi 885T - Select Detour Road(s)

One of the most useful features unique to Garmin's nuvi 8x5 models is the ability to exclude a specific road or highway from the planned route. There are multiple scenarios when you might want to avoid a particular road. For example, if it's rush hour and you just know a certain highway is always problematic. Or if you find yourself stuck in road construction and want to find an entirely different route.

It's easy to do once you know how. This quick tip can save you hours of frustration later in the car - trust me. Here's how to do it:

Navigation Menu
Figure 1: Navigation Menu

For some odd reason the "Prompted Detour" function is disabled by default. I'm not sure why, since this is one of the most frequently requested features. In any case, you'll need to turn the feature back on by tapping Main Menu > Tools > Navigation > Prompted Detour.

Prompted Detour Setting
Figure 2: Prompted Detour Setting

Tap On and then OK.

Map Screen
Figure 3: Map Screen

When navigating to a destination, tap Menu > Detour.

Detour Menu
Figure 4: Detour Menu

Now that "Prompted Detour" has been turned on, in addition to the standard distance options, the Detour menu displays a new option: Detour By Road(s) In Route. Tap this option to choose a specific road (or roads) to avoid.

Select Detour Road(s)
Figure 5: Select Detour Road(s)

Browse through the list of all upcoming turns, and check the box next to any road(s) you want to avoid.

Enjoy! Now you know how to exert more control over the route your nuvi 8x5 calculates.