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May 27, 2009

Garmin nuvi 465T Truck GPS Review

Verdict: Hands Down the Best GPS For Truckers

Garmin nuvi 465T Trucking GPS Review

Garmin nuvi 465T Map Screen Garmin nuvi 465T: The height limit is too low on the road ahead! Garmin nuvi 465T: Hazardour Material Class

Review Highlights

  • Garmin's first nuvi designed for the trucking industry. Easily switches between Automobile and Truck modes
  • Navigates routes based on your truck's type, load, height, weight, length, and hazardous load restrictions
  • Pre-loaded with NTTS Breakdown Directory
  • Lacks some of the features found on higher-end Garmin nuvi 7x5 models, but still leaps and bounds better than any other trucking-friendly GPS out there

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May 14, 2009

TomTom GO 740 Live Connected GPS Review

Verdict: Just like previous TomTom GPS units, but with a $10/month subscription for Weather, Traffic, Google Search, & Fuel Prices

TomTom GO 740 Live Connected GPS Review

TomTom's GO LIVE 740 is the company's first Internet-connected GPS. Leveraging an internal GPRS receiver, the GO 740 boasts LIVE services like TomTom Traffic, Weather, Local Search powered by Google, and Fuel Prices.

Built-in connectivity is nice, and the LIVE services are handy. But at $10 per month, most users will have a hard time justifying the ongoing subscription cost. Apart from the LIVE services, the GO 740 is essentially identical to previous TomTom GPS units. I've long complained that TomTom's basic interface needs an overhaul, and that's still true with the GO 740.

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