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March 19, 2009

Magellan Maestro 4350 Review

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8. Traffic

No Traffic Subscription
Figure 83: No Traffic Subscription

The Maestro 4350 is a traffic enabled GPS. That means that the 4350 can receive real-time information about nearby traffic conditions, and, hopefully, avoid traffic jams. Traffic delays, if any, are also factored into the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

Magellan's Maestro 4350 comes with three months of free traffic service (after which you'll have to pay $39.99 for a 12-month subscription). Before the 4350 can start receiving traffic alerts, the complimentary 3-month subscription must be activated.

Subscription Activation Code
Figure 84: Subscription Activation Code

Included in the Maestro 4350's box is a Subscription Activation Code sheet, shown above. Be sure not to throw this out, as you'll need it to claim your complimentary 3-month traffic subscription. Locate this sheet, and open a web browser to Magellangps.com.

Magellan Traffic Service Website
Figure 85: Magellan Traffic Service Website

Open a web browser and go to www.magellangps.com. Under Products, select Traffic Service, then click Redeem a Trial Subscription with a Coupon.

Traffic for Magellan Maestro 4350
Figure 86: Traffic for Magellan Maestro 4350

Click Continue next to the option for a Magellan Maestro 4350 North America.

My Account
Figure 87: My Account

Login to your account if you already have one setup, or click create your profile to setup an account now.

Select Your Unit
Figure 88: Select Your Unit

Your Magellan Maestro 4350 needs to be registered before you can activate the traffic subscription. Click on the option to register a new Maestro 4350.

Terms & Conditions
Figure 89: Terms & Conditions

Check the box to agree to Magellan's terms and conditions, then click Submit.

Product Registration
Figure 90: Product Registration

Fill in the required fields, including the 4350's serial number (can be found on the system information menu, or printed on the bottom of the GPS), and click Register My Product.

Select Your Unit
Figure 91: Select Your Unit

Choose the device you want to activate the 3-month subscription on. If you've only ever registered one Magellan GPS, then you'll only see the 4350 listed on this page. If you own multiple Magellan devices, be sure you click Select for the 4350.

Confirm Your Serial Number
Figure 92: Confirm Your Serial Number

Confirm that you have selected the correct GPS you want to use with the 3-month traffic activation, and click Yes.

Enter Coupon Code
Figure 93: Enter Coupon Code

Enter the Subscription Activated Code that's printed on the paper sheet included in the box (shown in figure 30). You don't need to enter the dashes, just the numbers/letters. Double check that you've entered the right code, then click Retrieve Subscription Code.

Please Wait While We Process Your Subscription
Figure 94: Please Wait While We Process Your Subscription

It can take up to 30 seconds for Magellan's website to process the coupon code and create the traffic activation code.

Activation Instructions
Figure 95: Activation Instructions

This is your subscription code. Now that we have a valid traffic activation code, we'll need to input this code into the 4350.

Enter TMC Subscription Code
Figure 96: Enter TMC Subscription Code

Power on the 4350 and tap Main Menu > Traffic > Enter Subscription. Use the on-screen keypad to enter the traffic activation code.

Traffic Subscription Activation Successful
Figure 97: Traffic Subscription Activation Successful

After correctly entering the traffic activation code, the Maestro reports that the traffic activation was successful. Tap OK.

TMC Station Settings
Figure 98: TMC Station Settings

The Traffic settings menu now displays "TMC Present", indicating the service is now active, and traffic data is being received.

The Maestro 4350's traffic activation is now complete, and the GPS is receiving traffic alerts. If a traffic alert is received that will impact the planned route, Maestro 4350 will display an alert, and present an option to route around the problem area.