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July 14, 2008

TomTom GO 920T Review

GPSmagazine Rating: 3.5 of 5
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13. Help Me

Help Me!
Figure 96: Help Me!

The GO 920T includes a number of options designed to help drivers in emergency situations. Whether your vehicle is disabled, or your looking for the nearest hospital, TomTom's help feature is an important addition to the GO 920T.

The "Help me!" icon is located on the Main Menu, shown above, and can be used to:

  • view your current location
  • make contact with a service center
  • place a hands-free call to a service center (if your phone is connected to the GO 920T)
  • Navigate to a service center (on foot or in your car)

Help Me! Main Menu
Figure 97: Help Me! Main Menu

The "Help me!" main menu is home to the following help options:

  • Phone for help
  • Drive to help
  • Walk to help
  • Where am I?
  • First Aid guide
  • Other guides

Phone for help 1 of 2
Figure 98: Phone for help 1 of 2

If a compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone has been paired with the GO 920T, the "Phone for help" menu, shown above, can be used to call the nearest tow truck, police, fire department, or hospital.

Phone for help 2 of 2
Figure 99: Phone for help 2 of 2

"Phone for help" can also be used to find and call the nearest public transportation, auto repair, dentist, pharmacy, or vet.

Emergency services
Figure 100: Emergency services

The Emergency services screen displays your current location on the map, longitude and latitude coordinates, as well as written description of your location that can be used to tell emergency services where you are.

Drive to Help
Figure 101: Drive to Help

Tapping "Drive to help" on the "Help me!" main menu brings up the "Drive to help" screen, shown above. From here, the GO 920T can calculate a route to the nearest car repair, hospital, fire station, police station, pharmacy, or dentist.

Walk to Help
Figure 102: Walk to Help

Tapping "Walk to help" from the "Help me!" main menu allows the GO 920T to calculate walking routes to the nearest emergency services

First Aid Book
Figure 103: First Aid Book

An electronic First Aid book is included in the GO 920T's "Help me!" menu.

Other Guides
Figure 104: Other Guides

Tapping on "Other guides" from the "Help me!" menu brings up a list of countries to choose from. Especially handy when traveling abroad, the GO 920T includes basic information about each country.