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July 14, 2008

TomTom GO 920T Review

GPSmagazine Rating: 3.5 of 5
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Preferences 5 of 8
Figure 179: Preferences 5 of 8

The following settings can be configured on the fifth Preferences page:

  • Set units - Tap this icon to set the type of units that will be shown for the distance, time, coordinates, temperature, and air pressure
  • Operate left-handed - Tap this icon to re-configure the GO 920T's layout for left-handed use
  • Keyboard preferences - Tap this icon to switch between the large or small keyboard, and ABCD, QWERTY, and AZERTY layouts
  • Planning preferences - Tap this icon to specify how the GO 920T should calculate routes. Options include:
    • Ask me every time
    • Fastest route
    • Shortest route
    • Avoid freeways
    • Walking route
    • Bicycle route
    • Limited speed route
  • Toll road preferences - Tap this icon to configure toll avoidance preferences

Planning Preferences
Figure 180: Planning Preferences

Route Summary Preferences
Figure 181: Route Summary Preferences

The route summary screen is displayed after the GO 920T finishes calculating the route to a destination. By default, the GPS will wait for you to tap the screen before it switches to the map view and starts navigating. Changing this setting to "Yes" will cause the route summary to close automatically after 10 seconds.

Toll Road Preferences
Figure 182: Toll Road Preferences

Preferences 6 of 8
Figure 183: Preferences 6 of 8

The following settings can be configured on the sixth Preferences page:

  • Set owner - Tap this icon to enter your name and address as the owner, and change or delete a 4-digit security password
  • Speaker preferences - Tap this icon to select which speakers are used by the GO 920T. Output can be switched between the internal speaker, Bluetooth, Line-out (audio cable), and the FM transmitter to your car
  • Car preferences - Only available when linked with a vehicle's on-board systems, this setting lets the GO 920T link night view to headlight status, and allows the GPS to mute car audio when announcing verbal instructions
  • Music preferences - Tap this icon the configure music playback settings
  • Start-up preferences - Tap this icon to select how the GO 920T behaves when powered on

Speaker Preferences
Figure 184: Speaker Preferences

Start-up Preferences
Figure 185: Start-up Preferences

Changing the Start-up Splash Screen Image
Figure 186: Changing the Start-up Splash Screen Image

Preferences 7 of 8
Figure 187: Preferences 7 of 8

The following settings can be configured via the seventh Preferences page:

  • Bluetooth preferences - Tap this icon to disable or enable Bluetooth on the GO 920T
  • Disable wireless data - Tap this icon to block the reception of wireless data
  • Send/Receive files - Tap this icon to send or receive files via Bluetooth
  • MyTomTom account - Tap this icon to log in to your TomTom account
  • Battery saving preferences - Tap this icon to configure how the GO 920T conserves battery life

Preference 8 of 8
Figure 188: Preference 8 of 8

The following settings are available on the eighth Preferences page:

  • Change language - Tap this icon to change the language
  • Set clock - Tap this icon to select the type of clock that is shown, and set the current time
  • Show fewer menu options - Tap this icon to reduce the number of menu icons that are shown. If this option is enabled, only the more commonly used functions appear on the menus.
  • Hide tips - Tap this icon to prevent usage tips and shortcuts from being displayed
  • Reset factory settings - Tap this icon to restore the GO 920T to all original factory settings and preferences