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July 14, 2008

TomTom GO 920T Review

GPSmagazine Rating: 3.5 of 5
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24. Configuring Preferences

Main Menu 1 of 3
Figure 156: Main Menu 1 of 3

The GO 920T has more configurable preferences than most competing GPS units. Almost every aspect of the GO 920T can be customized to suit your own preferences. Tap "Change preferences" from the Main Menu.

Preferences 1 of 8
Figure 157: Preferences 1 of 8

The GO 920T has 8 pages of preferences available to configure. Page 1 contains the following settings:

  • Use night colors - Tap this icon to toggle between day and night mode. Night mode uses dimmer colors that are easier on the eyes at night. The GO 920T can also automatically switch between day and night colors based on ambient light conditions (that setting is located in the Brightness preferences screen)
  • Show POI on map - Tap this icon to configure which categories for the Points of Interest (POIs) should be shown on the map
  • Safety preferences - Tap this icon to configure the following safety-related settings:
    • Hide most menu options while driving
    • Suggest driving breaks
    • Show safety reminders
    • Warn when near places of worship or schools
    • Warn when driving faster than allowed
    • Warn when driving faster than a set speed
    • Warn not to leave the device in the car
  • Voice preferences - Tap this icon to configure speech preferences
  • Turn off sound - Tap this icon to turn off spoken instructions. The icon changes to "Turn on sound"

Show POI Category on Map
Figure 158: Show POI Category on Map

Tapping "Show POI on map" from the preferences lets you place checkmarks next to POI categorize you want displayed on the map.

Safety Preferences
Figure 159: Safety Preferences

Voice Preferences
Figure 160: Voice Preferences

The following options are available from the Voice Preferences menu, shown above:

  • Change voice - change the voice that announces instructions
  • Disable voice - disable the use of voices
  • Speech preferences - configure which items are announced (see figure 158, below)
  • Record voice - record your own voice for use by the GO 920T
  • Disable recorded voice - turns off recorded voice
  • Download voice - Download new voices from TomTom Services

Speech Preferences
Figure 161: Speech Preferences

Speech Preferences, Page 2
Figure 162: Speech Preferences, Page 2

Preferences 2 of 8
Figure 163: Preferences 2 of 8

The following settings are located on the second Preferences screen, shown above:

  • Volume preferences - Tap this icon to adjust the volume
  • Manage Favorites - Tap this icon to rename of delete Favorites
  • Change Home location - Tap this icon to set or change the Home address
  • Manage maps - Tap this icon to download additional maps, switch maps, or delete a map
  • Manage POIs - Tap this button to configure alerts when you are near certain POIs

Volume Preferences
Figure 164: Volume Preferences

Selecting "Link volume to noise level" will automatically adjust the volume based on the background noise level.

Manage POIs
Figure 165: Manage POIs