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July 29, 2008

Panasonic Strada CN-GP50 Review

Verdict: Not Recommended

Panasonic Strada CN-GP50 Review

Panasonic's CN-GP50 Strada is a 5" Widescreen GPS that boasts GPS Assist, Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling, and support for optional traffic services. Given the CN-GP50's relatively hefty $500 suggested retail price, the feature set is lacking, and performance just isn't up to snuff.

Panasonic's Strada CN-GP50 is a surprisingly uninspired GPS that servers as further proof that it takes more than slapping 3rd party software on generic hardware to make a GPS anyone will want to buy.

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July 22, 2008

Garmin nuvi 500 Review

Verdict: The nüvi That Can Go Anywhere. Like Having Three GPS Units In One.

Garmin nuvi 500 Review

Once upon a time you had to buy a GPS for the car, a handheld unit for outdoor hiking and Geocaching, another one for cycling, and yet a different GPS for boating. Enter Garmin's nüvi 500: one GPS, four modes.

The nüvi 500 combines the best of Garmin's various GPS products into a single, easy to use device that's equally at home on the road, trails, or water. Preloaded with topographic maps of the U.S., the nüvi 500 boasts water-proof hardware, a removable 8 hour battery, electronic compass, and can be upgraded with additional maps, traffic, and MSN Direct.

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July 14, 2008

TomTom GO 920T Review

Verdict: Solid Performer. Voice Input Still Needs Work. A Better Bargain Than The GO 930.

TomTom GO 920T

TomTom's GO 920T costs about the same as the newer GO 930, but lacks the 930's IQ Routes and Advanced Lane Guidance. However, unlike the 930, the 920T includes an RDS-TMC traffic receiver, giving you everything you need to receive live traffic information right out of the box. The GO 920T has Enhanced Positioning Technology (for maintaining tracking when driving through tunnels and such), voice address input, real-time traffic data, Bluetooth, an FM transmitter, a remote control, and TomTom's innovative Map Share & Map Corrections program.

The routing engine and map screen could be stronger, and the voice address input feature was a little disappointing, but overall the GO 920T is a solid performer. Given that the GO 930's "Advanced Lane Guidance" and "IQ Routes" are still in their infancy and aren't all that useful yet, the traffic enabled GO 920T is probably a better deal for most drivers.

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July 4, 2008

Garmin Announces Lighter, Slimmer Dog Tracking Collar

Garmin DC 30 GPS Dog Tracking Collar

Designed for use with Garmin's Astro Dog Tracking System, the DC 30 is a redesigned GPS dog tracking collar that is more rugged, lighter, gets better reception, and has a lower-profile antenna. Used in conjunction with the Astro 220 receiver, the system pinpoints exactly where your dog is and what he's doing - running, pointing, or treeing - even in dense cover, up to seven miles away, depending on terrain. The collar retails for $199, and is expected to ship by the end of the summer.

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July 1, 2008

TomTom GO 930 Review

Verdict: Gorgeous. Innovative. The Best TomTom Yet. Speech Input Still Needs Work.

TomTom GO 930

TomTom's GO 930 is the company's latest high-end GPS navigator, and features voice recognition, IQ Routes, Enhanced Positioning Technology, Map Share, and Advanced Lane Guidance in a sleek, elegant design. There's still room for improvement, but this is the best TomTom yet.

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