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June 18, 2008

Why Garmin's nuvifone Makes Good Business Sense

Garmin nuvifone

At first glance, Garmin's upcoming nuvifone sounds like the business equivalent of trying to conquer Russsia in the winter. Hopes of one-upping Apple's iPhone or the Blackberry Bold are the delusional fantasies of a fool. So why is Garmin even trying? Is it time to sell your Garmin stock and wait for massive nuvifone related losses to clear the books? Not necessarily.

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June 2, 2008

Dash Express Review

Verdict: Get's Traffic Right (But Not Much Else)

Dash Express

REVIEW UPDATE: This GPS model has been discontinued

Dash Navigation is applying 21st-centry technology to solve a problem as old as driving itself: traffic. While other GPS devices all receive the same incomplete and outdated traffic updates via FM or MSN-Direct, Dash is creating its own traffic network using multiple sources, including live data from actual Dash owners. The results are impressive, and Dash actually manages to produce traffic data that is noticeably better than anyone else's.

Unfortunately, Dash Express is so singularly focused on traffic, that the rest of this GPS still feels rough around the edges, and its appeal will likely be limited to serious commuters and all but the most hardcore early adopters.

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