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January 15, 2008

CES 2008 Coverage: Meet the Booth Babes of Nav N Go

Nav N Go's Booth Babes at CES 2008

Babes Ipsa Loquitur! Nav N Go, the European company whose software powers GPS devices from over 30 hardware manufacturers, including Mio, Harman Kardon, LG, Sony, and HP, announced it's latest iGO version 8 at CES this year.

Nav N Go also announced a GPS module for Sony's PSP. Read on for photos of Nav N GO's new "lifelike" 3D map view, and the new Sony PSP GPS.

Nav N Go's 3d maps

Nav N Go's 3D map rendering of Las Vegas Blvd.

Nav N Go's 3d Elevation Model

A 3D rendering of downtown San Francisco - notice that the highway overpass roads appear elevated.

Nav N Go's Sony PSP GPS

Nav N Go says Sony will begin selling the PSP GPS in Europe, powered by Nav N Go's software, in March 2008. No official word on pricing, or when it will be available in North America.