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September 18, 2007

Garmin Edge 705 Hands-On Preview

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Auto Timer/Lap Settings
Figure 14: Auto Timer/Lap Settings

The Auto Timer Pause settings allows the Edge 705 to automatically pause the timer if you drop below a certain speed. Auto Lap Trigger, when enabled, lets the Edge automatically count each lap.

Virtual Partner
Figure 15: Virtual Partner

Virtual Partner lets you train against a virtual competitor/trainer.

Workouts Menu
Figure 16: Workouts Menu

Specifying Simple, Interval, or Advanced on the Workouts menu determines how aggressively the Edge 705 will train you.

Setup Menu
Figure 17: Setup Menu

Many aspects of the Edge 705 can be customized to suit your needs. GPS settings are configured via the Setup Menu, shown above in figure 17.

GPS Settings Menu
Figure 18: GPS Settings Menu

The GPS menu can be used to enable or disable the GPS, set the preferred language, and enable or disable key tones.

Data Fields
Figure 19: Data Fields

Data Fields Menu

Map Settings
Figure 20: Map Settings

The Map settings page allows you to specify the map detail level, north-up or track-up display preference, and auto-zoom.

Routing Menu
Figure 21: Routing Menu

The Routing menu lets you specify how you want the Edge 705 to calculate routes. For example, when set to pedestrian mode, the GPS will allow off-road navigation. The Guidance Method can be set to have the Edge ask you each time how you want to route to the destination address, or, if you prefer, always assume you are traveling on foot, by bicycle, or vehicle.

Calculation Method is used to specify whether you want the GPS to calculate the route based on shortest time, or shortest distance.

Routing Methods
Figure 22: Routing Methods

The Edge 705 can be set to pedestrian, car/motorcycle, or bicycle modes.

Profiles and Zones
Figure 23: Profiles and Zones

Profiles and Zones can be used to quickly switch between custom, bike, and vehicle configurations.

Backlight Settings
Figure 24: Backlight Settings

Like Garmin's vehicle GPS devices, the Edge 705 has different day and night modes (night mode uses dimmer colors that are less bright at night and easier on the eyes), and can be set to automatically switch between the two. Additionally, the backlight timer setting can be adjusted.

Figure 25: ANT+Sport

The Edge 705 can wirelessly share data with other Garmin Edge devices, or with a PC (via the included USB cable).

Find Menu
Figure 26: Find Menu

Tapping on "Find" within the "Where To?" menu brings up the screen shown above. The Edge 705 stores the designated Home address as a special favorite called "Go Home". Other saved addresses are located in the "My Favorites" menu.

Map Screen
Figure 27: Map Screen

The Edge 705's display is bright and sharp, thanks to its 2.2-inch 176x220 pixel display. The screen is easily viewed, even in bright, direct sunlight. Three levels of backlighting are available when needed.

Map Menu
Figure 28: Map Menu

The quick menu can be accessed directly from the Map page, as shown above.

Guidance Text
Figure 29: Guidance Text

When routing to a destination, guidance text can be turned on or off, depending on your preference.

The Bottom Line

Those already acquainted with previous Garmin Edge units will find the Edge 705 familiar and an easy upgrade. The unit feels very solid in the had and is easily operated one-handed. The button controls are intuitively placed on the unit, and the screen is bright and crisp.

Those unfamiliar with Garmin's handheld units will find the learning curve somewhat steep at first, and will need to spend some quality time with the manual. Once mastered, however, the Edge 705 is a powerful GPS that provides navigation, training, and cycling capabilities not found on other units.