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August 29, 2007

Magellan (Finally) Updates the Maestro 4040, Releases Firmware 2.24

After almost 4 months of waiting, Magellan has finally updated the Maestro 4040's software to version 2.24, making the 4040 consistent with the rest of the Maestro product line.

Looks like 2.24 is a major update that resolves many of the complaints I had when I first reviewed the Maestro 4040 back in April '07, and makes the 4040's map screen and user interface look like the Maestro 4050 and 3140.

Magellan has released each of the various Maestros (3100, 3140, 4040, 4050) with different software versions and different map screens, fonts, and features. Thankfully, Magellan has updated the 4040 to version 2 of Maestro's software, and it now displays the estimated arrival time and uses a larger font that's easier to read.

Users had reported buying Maestro 4040's with the 2.24 firmware already installed, but until this week the update hasn't been available for download for existing Maestro users.

Unfortunately, there's still no update for the Maestro 3100.

The Maestro 4040 firmware update is available via Magellan's support site.